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Plant Facilities

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Process Units

Synthesis Gas Plant – 1 & Synthesis Gas Plant -2

  • Produces Synthesis Gas comprising H2:CO in required Molar ratio. Naphtha is the feed stock for this plant

Aldehyde Plant

  • Butyraldehyde is produced in the Oxo-reaction process where Synthesis gas is reacted with Propylene. Butyraldehyde is fed to BAL Isomer column to produce N-Butyraldehyde and Mixed Butyraldehyde

2-EH Plant

  • 2-Ehtylhexanol is produced from Aldolisation and subsequent hydrogenation of N-Butyraldehyde coming from Aldehyde plant

Butanol Plant

  • Mixed Butyraldehyde undergoes LP Hydrogenation process to produce Butanols and after further distillation produces Normal Butanol and Iso-Butanol for Butanol Isomer column

Utilites & Offsites

  • DM Plants
  • MP Boilers
  • Inst. Air & N2 generation
  • Seawater Cooling Tower
  • UPS for critical sections
  • Captive Power Generation
  • Effluent Treatment Plant


  • Naphtha
  • Propylene
  • Fuels storage (HSD/LSHS)
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Caustic / HCL
  • Product storage

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