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ISO Butanol (IBA)

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Product Description

Iso-Butanol (IBA) is a clear liquid with a characteristic odor. It is miscible with all common solvents. It is obtained in Oxo Synthesis of Propylene (C3H6) and Synthesis gas (H2+CO).



Spec. Description Unit Value Test Method
Purity wt.% 99.0 min. GC
Acidity as acetic acid wt.% 0.01 max. IS 323 – 1959
Water wt.% 0.2 max. IS 2362 -1963
Color APHA 10 IS 4161 -1967
Physical Properties Unit Value
Distillation range °C, 1 atm 106 – 108
Specific gravity @ 20/20°C 0.802 – 0.804
Non-volatiles %wt. 0.05 max.
Color Clear & Colorless

Chemical formula:

– Semi-structural formula C4H10O

CAS: 78-83-1


Safety Information 
Skin Irritation
Molecular formula
  • Excellent Solvent for acid-curable lacquers and baking finishes derived from Urea, Melamine or Phenolic resins
  • Reduces Viscosity and thus improves the brush ability and flow when added in small portions to Alkyl resin paints 
  • Flotation agents
  • Floor polishes

  • Extractant in production of drugs and antibiotics, hormones, vitamins
  • Additive in gasoline

  • Anti-corrosion and anti-wear inhibitors in engine oils

  • Agricultural chemicals intermediate


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